Rheinreise 3 (1839) - gallery 1

Thanks to Dr. Martin Lindig, a gallery of pictures from the third edition of Rheinreise! Click on one of the thumbnail pictures for a bigger version (opens in a separate window).

The Biedermeier binding was used starting from this edition until Rheinlande 8 (1855). The twelve views first appeared in the previous (second) edition and remained until the 13th, although the numbers changed slightly over the years. But the map is the really interesting feature, for it was with the addition of this that Karl Baedeker made his published version of the guide by Prof. Klein different from that earlier published by Fr. Röhling; and arguably it was this added map that turned the Baedeker house into what was to become the world's most famous travel guide publishers.

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An explanation of the cover drawings - The Rhine views

Above, the back, spine and front of the cover in typical Biedermeier style.

To the left, the title page. To the right, the map of the Rhine from Mainz to Köln (Cologne) - (the full picture is 165 kB).
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